Getintomtb – Reasons to try Mountain Biking

Welcome to our first article for our #getintomtb program and to get us started, we’re going to talk about why mountain biking is so good and why you should give it a go. 

As you might have guessed, we think mountain biking is a fantastic hobby and sport, but what’s it actually like and why might it be good for you?

Although there are some different types of mountain biking, they’ve all got a fundamental core – riding a bike off road. That’s it in a nutshell, but straight away you’ve got two good things there: riding a bike, away from traffic – bliss!

So first up it’s a type of cycling and has all the benefits that cycling has:

  • great form of exercise, which is equally good for your body and mind
  • a form of off road transport, so you’ll get to see places that you’ll never see in a car and that would take you a long time to walk to

You could lump that together under “making you feel better” – get out on a mountain bike and go for a cycle in the countryside and I guarantee you’ll feel better afterwards. The exercise releases endorphins making you feel happier and more energised, you’ll raise your heart rate (how much is up to you, don’t panic!) getting your blood flowing and, depending where you ride, you’ll be able to see some lovely views away from traffic and pollution. I promise I have never seen anyone come back from a mountain bike ride without a smile on their face.

But what else?

Riding a bike is something a lot of people do as a child, but then don’t touch again until they have children of their own. That can lead to a bit of a lack of confidence on the bike, just when you need a bit more to show the kids what to do. Mountain biking a great way to gain good bike handling skills and confidence on a bike, over all sorts of terrain. It’s of course a great way to get the kids cycling too, with no worries about traffic – gets them out in the countryside too.

There’s also a big social aspect to mountain biking. It is something can you do on your own – and some times its great to just grab the bike and go and clear your mind, but it’s even better done with company. You will get to meet new people and share new sights and experiences with them. From encouragement and advice to each other while you ride, to the “what about that bit?”conversations over coffee and cake at the end of a ride (or mid ride if you’re out for a while), mountain biking is very social and welcoming.


That’s the final, but most important thing to say about mountain biking – it’s fun! It’s a form of cycling you can do