Swinley, Best Bits extended

Our Swinley “Best Bits” ride is very popular, as it not only takes the best of Blue and Red regular trails, but some great bits off the regular trails (with some nice drops and roots) as well. But there’s loads more good stuff in the forest, off the (ginger) trail and so we’ve expanded it to include 3 more sections 🙂

Ok so the first is actually the old Blue 2 second that got dropped, but it’s still there and a nice bit of trail (in great condition too, as it’s getting very little use at the moment! It’s a bit of a climb to start, but with a nice down, big berms and some doubles in the trail.

The it’s on to a very nice, very rooty section that skips the plain fire road Blue 6.

You emerge at the corner that starts Blue 7, we’re not doing that yet. Instead go left, onto the 2nd stage from the Swinley Enduro, which again is great single track, with a nice drop half way round.

Fireroad is the quick way back to Blue 7 (can’t miss that!) and follow Blue to the end of Blue 9, where you turn LEFT, instead of right, skipping blue 10, but replacing is with an excellent off piste bit, that culminates in a great double drop feature.

After that it’s a fireroad climb to pick up Red 15, where you stick with the regular red trail, with the exception of taking the old start of Labyrinth (which is much steeper and nicer!). After that is all Red and blue back to the Lookout as normal.

And here is the link to the GPX file so you can try it for yourself – enjoy!