Questions Amnesty

The only daft question is the one you don’t ask. But there’s normally at least question you’ve always wondered about mountain biking, but thought was too obvious to ask.

So here’s your chance – you can anonymously post any question using this form and we will post answer below.

The answers… 

Q1: If swapping to tubeless is it essential to have a booster pump? If so, how are you supposed to re-inflate if you have to plug a whole when out on ride? 

A: It’s not  always essential, but can make the initial inflation and seating of the tyre in the bead quicker and easier. It depends on your tyre rim combination – if you have wide rims (28mm or higher internal width) you are more likely to need one.

If you get a puncture big enough to require a plug, you’re still unlikely to loose all the air, and also the tyre should remain in the bead even when deflated. However you be sure, use a CO2 cartridge. Remove the valve core like when using a booster pump and flood the whole CO2 cartridge in in one go – which will have a similar effect and should inflate the tyre.