MTB Wellness Routes

We have come up with a series of routes for our Wellness rides that build up in difficulty, but all with some fun and great countryside.

Route 1 – Starter Loop12.4km82mRoute1Route1GPX
Route 2 – Barbury 16.3km167mRoute2Route2GPX
Route 3 – Hillclimb15km162mRoute3Route3GPX
Route 4 – Big Loop21.4km282mRoute4Route4GPX
Route 5 – 2 Castles Loop24.3km321mRoute5Route5GPXRoute5
Low Level Route16.8km120mLowLevelLowLevelGPXLowLevel
Route 7 – Rockley Loop 27km347mRoute7Route7GPXRoute7
Wellness Wednesdays Base Route14km98mRouteWRoutewGPXRouteW
Wanborough to Aldbourne loop23km 290mRouteWAFRouteWAFGPX