MTB Wellness Ridgeway Ride 3

We have come up with a series of routes for our Wellness rides that build up in difficulty, but all with some fun and great countryside.

This third ride is more of a training loop, with a steep hill climb as it’s main feature. As with all the rides, it starts at the Three Trees Cafe & Farm shop, where you can park and get refreshments afterwards. Note it is closed on Mondays, but there is a public parking spot immediately next door.

Click here for a GPX file of the route

The Radio Mast climb is somewhat infamous, as it starts steep, keeps going, then gets steep and keeps going! It is however the only climb on the route, so you get it all out of the way in one go. Plus it’s great for building up hill climbing ability – get used to doing this one, and all hills will be easier to ride for you. And the views are well worth the climb.